Super Bowl LIVE: #pimentoloaves

Super Bowl LIVE

Super Bowl LIVE & #pimentoloaves

Pimento Jamaican Kitchen used Loaves & Fishes’ food truck at Super Bowl LIVE, serving up delicious, authentic cuisine! For each Pimento meal served from the food truck, Pimento donated 10% of the purchase price to Loaves and Fishes - providing a Loaves & Fishes’ meal to a hungry Minnesotan.
Loaves & Fishes and Pimento also offered a social media contest, dubbed “#PimentoLoaves”. Winners are being notified and will be announced ASAP.
  • Grand Prize: Catered Meal for 10!
  • Second Prize: $100 Pimento Jamaican Kitchen gift card!
  • Third Prize: $50 Pimento Jamaican Kitchen gift card!
  • Fourth Prize: $25 Pimento Jamaican Kitchen gift card!
  • Fifth Prize: $25 Pimento Jamaican Kitchen gift card!
Contest Rules:
  1. Dine at Loaves & Fishes food truck, featuring Pimento Jamaican Kitchen cuisine, at Super Bowl LIVE anytime from January 26 to February 4 (by 3pm)
  2. Take a photo of yourself (and your friends!); include all or most of "Loaves and Fishes" logo displayed on the food truck and the Pimento food purchased
  3. Post on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram, using the hashtag #PimentoLoaves. Make sure it's a public post!
  4. Be automatically entered into a drawing for great Pimento Jamaican Kitchen prizes!
Drawing Details:
Food Truck Pimento Menu:
  • Jerk chicken with coconut rice & beans ($11)
  • Jerk pork with coconut rice & beans ($12)
  • One Love with coconut rice & beans ($13)
  • Jamaican beef patties ($6)
  • Curry veggies with coconut rice & beans ($11)
  • Carrot juice ($4)