Brackets for Good

We Made it 4 Rounds in 2018!

Four rounds as rookies! Not bad. Thanks to all who supported this heart-pumping fundraiser. In the end, Dodge Nature Center took the lead in the final minutes of round 4.


This March Madness, Make "Loaves" the CHAMPIONS!
The CHAMPION will receive a $10K unrestricted grant in addition to all other donations collected throughout the tournament. Help "Loaves" get to that championship round!

Dates of Tournament: Each round begins at 8:00 PM
  • First Round (March 2-9): WE WON!!!!
  • Second Round (March 9-16): WE WON!!!!
  • Supported 16 (March 16-23): WE WON!!!!
  • Engaged Eight (March 23-30): IN PLAY NOW....VS. DODGE NATURE CENTER
  • Philanthropic 4 (March 30 - April 3)
Thank You!
Your donation will help feed people in need.

Make your donation a "Buzzer Beater"!

By turning on the "Buzzer Beater" when you make a donation, you'll double your donation amount - with half the points showing up immediately and the other half CREDITED AT THE VERY END OF THE CURRENT ROUND!.

Donation Notes
  • ALL donations made to Loaves & Fishes count, whether or not we advance to the next round.
  • All donors use the same "BFG Check-Out Page"
  • All credit card statements will show "Brackets for Good (BFG)"
  • Tax receipts will be from "BFG" (Note: BFG moves your donation into Loaves and Fishes' bank account, but each donation is actually credited to BFG for tax purposes).
  • Donations work best in Chrome 
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