Champ's Charity Challenge

Check out Champ's Charity Challenge

It's easier than ever to support Loaves & Fishes during the Mens' College Basketball Tournament.

Whether you're a true blue basketball fan or not, filling out Champ's Charity Challenge bracket is a great way to "get in the game." 

Here's how to play: 

1) Now thru March 17, you can create a Brackets for Good account here.

2) Starting on March 17 (Selection Sunday) through March 21, fill out your tournament prediction bracket with your favorite teams for a $20 donation. 

$10 out of every $20 donated goes to Loaves & Fishes when you select us as your favorite charity. $5 goes to a national "prize pool"  where YOU could be one of 10 "players" who predicted the tournament the best, and help Loaves & Fishes win a share of a $10,000+ prize pool!

Thank you for your support this March.