Staff and Board


Corporate Office Staff

Executive Director
Cathy Maes
Phone: 612.392.5606

Director of Operations
Kiley Benson
Phone: 612.326.3668

Director of Sites
Rachel Friesen
Phone: 612-326-3673

Office Administrator 
Susan Rosenberg
Phone: 612.392.5634

Director of Volunteers & Outreach
Lonny Evans
Phone: 612-326-3673
Director of Development
Patti Sinykin
Phone: 612.392.5881

Development Associate
Melissa Cavanaugh
Phone: 612-327-5291 

Baron Broschat
Phone: 612.293.0561


Director of Supply Distribution
Garrett Kratz


Site Coordinators

Beverly Tolliver
New Bethel

Frank Wandzel
St. Stephen's
Phone: 612.871.2981

Katelynn Strawmatt
St. Matthew's

Lennis Bentrud
Hope Presbyterian
Phone: 612.869.7700

Kimberly Greene-DeLanghe
Farm for All Project Manager
Easter Lutheran

Cindy Jastram
Esther's Kitchen

Joan Perrault

Mona Moorhead
River Heights


Kathy Tominski
Creekside Community Center
Phone: 952.948.0746

Butch Blanchard 

Emily Andes
St. Gabriel's

Galen Ryan
Holy Rosary


Susan Panelli
Salvation Army North

Amelia Navarro
St. Mark's

John Gambino
Dorothy Day Center

Phone: 612.204.8485

Jeremy Hover
Garrett Kratz


Board Members

Steve Ripple
Procter & Gamble
Jason Burnett
Douglas Hlavacek

Charlie Gits
UBS Financial

Mary Frances Schurb
Mike Degen
Retired CEO
Mark Hoiland
Central Bank

Jeremy Striffler
Cushman & Wakefield

Jay Gerczak
RBA Consulting
Austin Riess
PB Crave

Brian Numainville
Retail Feedback Group