Carol and Jerome met at a dance and have been married for over 40 years.  Now in their late sixties, the couple worked in housekeeping over the years. Carol retired, but Jerome still works part-time. They rent a house in South Minneapolis with other family members. Their limited income means the money can only go so far. 

Carol and Jerome are regular guests at St. Stephens, Salvation Army Temple and Holy Rosary dining sites.  The two are friendly and love to stop and visit with the other guests.  Being able to go to a dining site for a healthy meal means they can stay in their home on a limited income. Your generosity not only help​s them to save money and stay in their home; it​ provides them with a community that feeds their soul.

Thank you for feeding people like Carol and Jerome, allowing them to stay in ​their home and enjoy warm, fresh meal​s.

Everyone deserves to have a hot, healthy meal this holiday season. Give hope for the holidays. Give the gift of a good meal.

Nine out of every $10 donated to provid​ing meals that will make a difference in someone’s life.

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