External Fundraising Letter of Agreement

1. Fundraising Host agrees to provide Loaves and Fishes with the agreed upon proceeds from the event/campaign, within 45 days of the event/campaign. Loaves and Fishes may audit the event revenues and expenses, if necessary.

2. If approved by Loaves and Fishes, host may use the Loaves and Fishes name and logo in connection with the event.

3.Host understands and agrees that the Loaves and Fishes name and logo may not be altered in any way, and may not be used in conjunction with any terminology that does not align with Loaves and Fishes’ mission.

4. Loaves and Fishes retains the right to terminate this agreement if Loaves and Fishes determines that the event will be detrimental to the organization in any way.

5. Host must clearly state that Loaves and Fishes is the beneficiary of the event, not the sponsor or co-sponsor.

6. Host agrees to follow all applicable laws in the planning and execution of the event (i.e. all necessary insurance, licenses, and permits are obtained).

7. The event will result in no cost or expense to Loaves and Fishes.

We are profoundly grateful to you for proposing this event to benefit Loaves and Fishes. It is because of caring people like you that we have been able to bring free, nutritious meals to so many hungry people. Thank you for your support!

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