Ideas for a Successful Loaves & Fishes Fundraiser:

At work, school, or in your community!

  Penny Wars: Find large glass jars and place them in a common area. Have a competition to see what group can get the most points. Pennies are positive points, silver and dollars are negative points to be put in opposing group’s jars. Or see who can fill up their jars with pennies first. All proceeds go to Loaves and Fishes.
  Aspiring Chef: Organize the aspiring chefs in your office to cook a special lunch. Charge your co-workers a suggested donation to eat lunch. Add to this by having individuals vote for the best dish: $1 = 1 vote. All proceeds to benefit Loaves and Fishes.
  Competitions: Create competitions between groups (shifts, departments, floors, grades) to see who will collect the most money or goods. Groups compete for prizes or bragging rights.
  Host a Raffle\Provide Incentives: Identify items to be raffled off within your business. Sell raffle tickets for a predetermined time and amount. Items can be donated by local business. Many employees may be willing to donate prizes for raffles or incentives. Raffle items do not have to cost money. You may consider a special parking place, longer lunch breaks, half day Friday, dinner with top executive, job swap for a day. Instead of a raffle, these items may be used as incentives for those that contribute. Other examples of prizes might include movie tickets, movie rentals, or gift certificates.
  Hold a Thank You Celebration: To celebrate the success of the campaign, hold an event such as an ice cream social or pizza party to announce the results of the food drive and congratulate winners of internal competitions.
  Casual Days: Pay money to wear jeans to the office.
  Partner with local restaurant or store: Contact a business in your area to reserve a day in which a percentage of profits benefit Loaves & Fishes. Promote the day, then attend with your friends and family! For inspiration view this list of known restaurants that host dedicated nights for non-profits. 
  Throw a Party with a Purpose:  Gather your friends and family for a party like you might normally do, but ask all guests to bring a donation to benefit Loaves and Fishes.
  Host/Participate in an Active Event: Golf tournaments, 5K runs, motorcycle rallies, basketball tournaments…the sky is the limit!
  Host a Community Meal: Pancake breakfasts, soup meals, and bake sales are a great way for people to gather and learn about hunger in their community. Invite a speaker to talk about a time when they might have experienced hunger.
  Special activities at sporting events: Food sales, special collections, etc.

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