Early in the pandemic, Tim and Carrie Sellner and their three children had to quarantine and counted on other people to deliver food to them.

“It moved us all to value and appreciate what others were willing to do for us,” said Carrie.

Tim and Carrie knew about Loaves & Fishes and the history of the organization, and decided to give back to the mission.

“If you are not going to give for people who need food now, when are you going to do it?” Tim found himself asking.

As a financial advisor, Tim knew the advantages of giving a stock gift and decided to make his donation that way.

“There are a lot of advantages in a stock gift,” Tim explained. “One is you don’t take it out of personal cash flow because you are giving an asset. If that asset has gone up in value, you don’t have to pay tax on any of that gain when you give it to a charity.”

Not only did the Sellner family provide a stock donation, they also took time to volunteer in our brand new commissary kitchen on Thanksgiving morning.

“It was a great way to start a Thanksgiving weekend,” said Tim. “It was a real bonding experience to just get the kids out and have them helping others on a holiday. It was a chance to really contribute and model what we want our kids to be when they grow up: caring individuals.”

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