Lina Vincenty has always had a heart for helping others and in 2020 took it to another level by starting “Goodies for Good” at just 14-years-old to give back to the community.

Lina launched a website and Instagram page, where she uses her love of baking to give back to organizations close to her heart. Her latest work provided a donation to Loaves & Fishes.

“The idea started in fifth grade,” Lina explained. “I love baking and I wanted to do something where I could take my talents and help other people with them.”

Even though the idea had been in Lina’s mind for years, it’s not easy to start an entire website at such a young age. When schools went to distance learning and Lina was home more often, Goodies for Good was born with the help of her parents.

“I’m still trying to expand, but each week I bake something. I usually have two to three orders a week,” said Lina.

The word has spread among Lina’s friends, people she met through her parents and one of her strongest areas has been getting the word out at her brother’s soccer games.

Lina has supported four organizations already through her work and chose Loaves & Fishes, a nonprofit she has known about since she first volunteered at a community meal site at just 10-years-old.

“Everyone at Loaves & Fishes was always so friendly,” said Lina. “I was pretty young so I would just help pour water and small things like that. I thought that Loaves & Fishes was a wonderful place to donate to. The mission is crucial and impactful and people were excited to help!”

Since starting Goodies for Good, Lina’s passion for the community has only grown.

“I think I have always loved helping people. It’s a joy to see what I do can help other people or make them smile,” said Lina. “There are a lot of problems in the world and I notice them and I want to make a difference. I hope that eventually Goodies for Good is big enough that other people can join and use it as a platform to benefit the community.”

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