Fifty-five-year-old Russell was an accomplished engineer. Then suddenly, life threw him a curve-ball. He was in a car accident at the age of 39 and suffered a brain injury, forcing him to give up his job. Now, he lives on income from disability and rides his bike to get around town.

Thankfully, Russell lives nearby our St. Matthews dining site and comes often to receive a hot, healthy meal while stretching his very limited income.
Your support makes it possible for us to provide nutritious meals to people like Russell in a kind and comforting environment. 

Everyone deserves to have hot, healthy meals this holiday season.
Make your year-end gift today to help people like Russell receive nutritious meals all year long.

Every $9 of a $10 donation goes to support our meals program.  Give today so that food insecure Minnesotans can worry a little less.

Everyone deserves to have a hot, healthy meal this holiday season. Give hope for the holidays. Give the gift of a good meal.

Nine out of every $10 donated to provid​ing meals that will make a difference in someone’s life.

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