No single group can solve the hunger crisis. Minnesota non-profits are sharing resources and supporting each other in ways they never imagined before the pandemic. Leaders are coming together. Allison O’Toole from Second Harvest Heartland and Cathy Maes from Loaves and Fishes talk almost every day. Maes and O’Toole let 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS listen in on one of their daily calls where they speak honestly about professional and personal matters during the hunger crisis. “You know as leaders you have to stay strong and have your game face on, so it’s always really nice to connect with a peer. To have a moment to be really honest about how you’re feeling,” said O’Toole. “I mean this is a grind and Cathy has been a rock through this. And those daily conversations have been wonderful just to help me get through those days.” It’s nice to have someone to lean on during a crisis, especially someone who understands what they’re up against. “Our biggest concern right now isn’t today, it isn’t tomorrow, I’m really looking out further: October, November, December,” said Maes. “Are we going to have the wherewithal, the stamina, the money to continue this work? That’s where my head has to be right now.” Watch the full story.

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