Leaving a Legacy

Making a donation in your will is a wonderful way to leave your legacy and ensure that feeding the hungry continues for the long term. By including Loaves and Fishes in your will or estate plan, you can play an important role in the food security of children, adults and seniors throughout Minnesota.

There are two simple ways you can leave your legacy through: Bequests and/or Beneficiary Designations.

List Loaves and Fishes in your will or estate plan. You can list a specific dollar amount, a percentage of your estate, or the remaining balance of your estate.

You can use the following language for bequests:

I [your name] give to Loaves and Fishes Too, EIN #41-1421522, XX% of my estate.
I [your name] give the sum of $XX to Loaves and Fishes Too, EIN #41-1421522.
I [your name] give to Loaves and Fishes Too, EIN #41-1421522, the remainder of my estate.



Beneficiary Designation:
Both easy and tax-beneficial, you can include Loaves and Fishes in your estate plan by designating Loaves and Fishes as a beneficiary in a life insurance policy, your retirement account, mutual funds or brokerage account.  Contact and confirm plans with your insurance agent or financial planner.  Be sure to include our legal name, Loaves and Fishes Too, EIN #41-1421522.

In addition the options above, there are other ways to leave your legacy gift. Loaves and Fishes is happy to talk through these options with yourself and/or your financial planner.

To discuss your legacy gift, or inform us of a gift you have already designated, please contact Cathy Maes, Executive Director, at 612.392.5606 or cmaes@loavesandfishesmn.org.

Please fill out our Legacy Form and mail to:

Loaves and Fishes
721 Kasota Ave SE
Minneapolis, MN   55414

Please be sure to seek the advice of your financial or legal advisor through this process

If you decide to include Loaves and Fishes in your plans, be sure to use our legal name and federal tax ID:

Legal Name: Loaves and Fishes Too
Address: Minneapolis, MN
Federal Tax ID Number: #41-1421522