D’Amico Catering re-opened its kitchen to cook meals for those in need joining a partnership with Loaves and Fishes and the YMCA. D’Amico chefs will make healthy and fresh meals for families and individuals who are now going to the YMCA for food assistance. The partnership will benefit select YMCA locations such as the Maplewood location.

Loaves & Fishes currently serves over 5,000 daily meals to all YMCA locations in the Twin Cities and are working to target the 4 largest Y sites.

Families may come to select YMCAs and pick up a meal Monday-Friday from Noon-1:00 PM. Families don’t have to be members of the YMCA to receive a meal. Supplies are limited and we ask for guests to practice social distancing when you pickup food.

For nearly 40 years Loaves & Fishes seeks to serve Minnesotans in need. As the number of people needing healthy meals grows, we are working to meet the demand. We are excited because this new partnership will ensure no Minnesotan goes hungry.

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