Premise Inc., a relatively new construction company, decided to do something a little different for their holiday party this year. They gave employees an opportunity to donate part of their holiday gift to selected organizations that fit into their values. Many employees gave a large portion including some that gave 100 percent.

“The idea of feeding people really speaks to caring for people.” Said CEO Matthew Cina. “We want to be part of our community. Not just operating in it, but part of it.”

Marketing and Creative Manage Erika Dodge researched organizations to give back to and said Loaves & Fishes rose to the top.

“How Loaves & Fishes was able to pivot and continue to help in a bigger way while people were in even more need is how we landed on it as a place to give,” said Dodge.

Premise employees gave anonymously so there was no pressure to give their holiday gift.

“I was really humbled by the amount of people that wanted to give back,” said Cina. “This year seemed right and fitting to do it. Learning about Loaves & Fishes was fantastic. This is a year of great need so I’m really glad we could be a tiny part.”

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