Retiring Loaves & Fishes Worker Honored After Serving One Million Meals

Bloomington, MN
Feb 28, 2019

Longtime Loaves & Fishes Site Coordinator Retires After Serving One Million Meals

Loaves and Fishes Creekside Dining Site Coordinator Kathy Tominski was honored by staff and volunteers for her dedication to serving her community. Tominski worked for Loaves & Fishes for 27 years. During this time, Loaves & Fishes estimated she’s served around one million meals to hungry Minnesotans on 7,000 evenings.

“She genuinely cares about people. She cares about their well-being,” said Cathy Maes, Loaves & Fishes Executive Director.

Tominski started volunteering for Loaves & Fishes nearly three decades ago, and she was hired as a staff member a few years later. Tominski worked in Minneapolis, St. Paul and in Bloomington during her time with Loaves & Fishes. She coordinated and prepared dinners, but her work didn’t stop there. Tominski touched countless lives through her good deeds.

Loaves & Fishes guest Pat Harrington told Fox 9, “She was always compassionate and patient, and I can’t speak more highly of her.”

Loaves & Fishes staff awarded Tominski with the first of its’ kind “Golden Silverware” award, to honor her service and dedication. Tominski said she may be retiring, but she plans on “popping in” to volunteer at Creekside again.