Aitkin and Palisade Meals

Aitkin Age

Apr 11, 2019

Letters from Readers

Loaves & Fishes Raising Awareness in Aitkin County

Loaves & Fishes is working to make sure Minnesota seniors are aware of our services in Aitkin County. We provide free, healthy meals to people in areas where the need is great. More than half of our guests are seniors.  

Loaves & Fishes meals are available at no cost. Seniors are welcome to join us for an evening meal on Mondays and Thursdays at 5 p.m. in Aitkin at First Lutheran Church. We also serve a senior lunch at noon on Tuesdays at First Lutheran Church. In Palisade, our dining site at Bethel Lutheran Church is open on Thursdays at noon. Please visit our website for more information.