Minnesota Moment: Commercial Allows the Chance to Say Thank You for Good Deeds


Jun 12, 2019

Commercial Allows Chance to Say Thank You for Good Deeds


RPM Drymate provided Loaves & Fishes Minnesota with high, tech waterproof blankets for guests who may be homeless or living in shelters. Walmart recognized the Savage based company for their good deeds and Loaves & Fishes had a chance to say “thank you” while filming a national commercial.

Walmart recognized American manufacturers for helping their communities in a series of spots now airing on TV. RPM Drymate’s Mike Bachman said, “We wanted to give back to the homeless in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. It’s a product that will help keep them warm and dry.”

Loaves & Fishes Executive Director Cathy Maes said, “We went down to the streets and delivered 150-180 blankets to people who were cold.”

RPM Drymate and Loaves & Fishes are planning to hand out more waterproof blankets to people in need this summer.