Walmart Highlights Savage Co. Drymate's Community Impact

SW News Media

Jun 27, 2019

Walmart Highlights Savage Co. Drymate's Community Impact

Article Summary:

Savage-based RPM Drymate is featured in a new Walmart ad campaign highlighting the retailer’s commitment to U.S. made products. Drymate’s Valerie Urich appears in the national commercial, honoring the company’s community service with Loaves & Fishes Minnesota.

Urich agreed to meet with Walmart in California, back in May. She was in for a surprise. Walmart had secretly staged the meeting to recognized Drymate for their donations of waterproof blankets to help the homeless. Loaves & Fishes Executive Director Cathy Maes thanked Urich on camera, saying, “You save lives.”

Urich appeared at the end of the spot, stating: “My dad always said to me make today a great day. Today has been a great day.” The Walmart commercial appeared in spots on national networks, including NBC and FOX.

Drymate and Loaves & Fishes are planning to distribute more waterproof blankets to the homeless late this summer.