Roy is a guest at our Woodlake dining site in Richfield. Eating at Loaves & Fishes gives him a chance for community and safety.

“Eating at Loaves & Fishes sites is like having a family meal at home where people speak with each other, eating good food in a safe place,” he says.

 Alexander comes for meals at the St. Stephen’s Dining site in Minneapolis. The 39-year-old currently lives in a shelter waiting for housing to open up. Sitting next to him was another male guest who was excited to find a new overnight job, but worried about losing his spot in the shelter. Alexander stepped in and shared the process one goes through in order to stay in the shelter once they find employment. The man’s fear subsided because of Alexander’s knowledge and assistance. 

Robert, age 50 lives in his car. The day we visited with him at St. Stephens, he had just finished his first day on the job as a press operator. Landing the job mattered to him because it meant the opportunity to take care of himself. The meals at St. Stephen’s allow him to save money in order to move out of the car and into permanent housing. 

Because of you, we can provide comforting meals to people like Alexander, Robert, and Roy. Please make a donation today so we can feed other Minnesotans in need.

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