When Jim first came to dine with us at our St. Philip’s location in Fridley, it was because he was lonely and isolated.

Jim spent a good chunk of his life living and working in Alaska and Antarctica. Unfortunately, Jim fell and broke his back, along with other injuries. Jim continues to work thanks to an artificial leg and years of rebuilding his body after the accident.
For Jim, a meal at Loaves & Fishes means a chance for social interaction. He spent many years living an isolated life, so he appreciates the opportunity to meet and interact with people.
Because of your generosity, Jim is saving money while enjoying a hot and hearty meal along with the community and fellowship at our dining sites.

Thank you for feeding the bodies and souls of Jim and countless others like him.

Everyone deserves to have a hot, healthy meal this holiday season.
Donate today to help people like Jim receive a comforting meal.

$25 = a dozen meals

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