Greater Access to Healthy Food

Our award-winning, rapidly-growing HUB program enables partnering nonprofits and community meal groups to source food affordably by leveraging our infrastructure and food inventory. They select just the right amount of healthy food needed from an easily accessible online inventory system, collect that food from our convenient warehouse location, and then prepare and serve their own nutritious meals. Some meals are served to the public while others are served as part of a closed in-house meal service.

Benefits are multi-layered.

All HUB partners enjoy significant (50-80%) cost savings in their food budget, convenience of food pick-up, and enhanced selection of fresh produce that includes farm-to-table ingredients.

Nonprofits enrolled in the HUB can implement a more holistic approach to healing and use their food cost savings to more fully focus staff and resources on core mission and programming.

People served benefit from improved nutritional content of meals, enhanced services and a greater sense of well-being.

Loaves and Fishes reaches people actively seeking relief from challenges like addiction, domestic violence, homelessness, and trauma.

Contact: To learn more, or to become a HUB partner, please contact Mel McCormick today.

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